Garden Pond Equipment

To use electrical pond equipment you will need, an electrical outlet with a circuit breaker, installed adjacent to your pond. This should be installed by an electrician and conform to local regulations.

Essential electrical pond equipment.

A garden pond needs to be a healthy environment for the life that you keep in it. Natural bodies of water that have the species you may like in your pond, move, and are not still and stagnant. Natural ponds have a stream flowing into and out of them; therefore the water is constantly changing, limiting the toxins from waste products and aerating the water. To keep changing the water in your pond is totally impractical, unless you are lucky enough to have a stream or river running through your garden.

It is possible to maintain a balance pond with the correct planting and stocking, but things can rapidly go wrong with disastrous results. Pond equipment helps us with this problem, a pump to move the water, and a suitable filter is a good substitute for a stream or river. Having a pump installed also allows you to use other pond equipment, most of which aids the balancing of your pond. A fountain, or waterfall is more than a feature, they also aerate the water. Aeration is important to the health of your pond, its not just fish etc that need oxygen, so do the bacteria that break down the waste produced by other pond life. Lack of oxygen will affect the bacteria first, allowing toxins to build up, this can happen very quickly resulting in sick or dead fish, so a pump and filter becomes a necessity.

Non essential electrical equipment.

Lighting, waterfalls, fountains, and the numerous water features available, are usually installed for their aesthetic value. Lighting will only enhance the visual effect of your pond. Features that move water have the added advantage of aerating your pond as well as having a visual effect. Some water features come with their own pump to drive them, for example, a solar powered fountain. Unfortunately solar powered pumps and features are not very powerful, so if you are planning to have one or two water features, allow for these when calculating the size of your pump, or plan to use more than one pump.

Non electrical equipment

There are so many accessories available that it is not practical to list them all, and you will find out what you actually need as you go. Common sense should be your guide, for example, there is no need to buy all the fish treatments that are readily available if your fish are not sick. But as fish get can stressed and/or damaged when being move and introduce to a new environment, having White Spot and Fungi treatments to hand would be advisable. Other items you will need at the start are, a basic test kit to monitor water quality, and a couple of nets to catch the fish when the need arises.

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