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  • Creating a garden pond to complement your garden.
  • As a feature and/or a fish pond.
Find the answers to your questions, from designing your pond to completion. Our experience can help you build a pond that you will proud of. We will give you the good and bad points for the different methods, materials and equipment available. This will enable your pond to be well planned, well built, and well maintained, giving you trouble free enjoyment.

Have you already installed your pond, and are having problems? Then you could find the solution here. Problems with the :--

  • Design.
  • Construction.
  • Water quality.
  • Plants.
  • Fish.
  • Equipment.
We cover all these topics in depth. However if the answer is not here you can contact us for more assistance, further help and advice is just an email away.

diy. building a pond Advice
Start building a pond the right way. With advice on design and how to build
garden pond designs
Things about garden pond designs you should consider before you start building.
Installing a garden pond liner
Installing a garden pond liner is easy when you know how, and has the advantage
Preformed Garden Ponds
Installing preformed garden ponds. First level your your site, once that’s done follow
Building a concrete pond
Designed your concrete pond and now you need to build it. Here are three methods
Building a raised pond
To build a raised pond you will need to lay a level concrete base. Then you can
Pond Equipment
Use pond equipment to maintain a healthy environment for the life that you keep in it.
Contribute To Garden Pond Building
Would you like to share your knowledge about garden pond building? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.